The study of past earthquakes, volcanoes, and other geological events that combines the analysis of both physical evidence and the myths and legends related to the events.
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More and more geoscientists are willing to combine their work with mythical stories these days, in a budding discipline called geomythology. Once dismissed, myths are winning new attention from geologists who find that they may encode valuable data about earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, and other stirrings of the earth.
— Kevin Krajick, "Tracking Myth to Geological Reality," Science, November 4, 2005
Another example of the power of geomythology is from Patrick Nunn, of Fiji in the South Pacific. His studies of volcanoes on the Fijian island of Kadavu indicated they had not been active for tens of thousands of years.
'Then I heard legends of recent eruptions,' he told The Observer. 'I thought them unlikely. When a road was cut there in 2002, I found there had been a volcanic eruption long after it had been occupied by humans. It made me look at myths in a new light.'
— Robin McKie, "Ancient legends give an early warning of modern disasters," The Observer, December 4, 2005
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On Jan. 6, a house fire in the home office and library of Standing Rock Tribal member Vine Deloria Jr. destroyed volumes of law books, historical photographs, research materials as well as reams and reams of government documents the famous Lakota author had collected over the years. ...
"I had two manuscripts on computer. I lost five chapters on geomythology. That's gone."
— Avis Little Eagle, "Rising from the ashes of a house fire," Indian Country Today, February 23, 1994
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